Saturday, 18 October 2008

9 People's favourite thing

I'm drinking tea, I'm eating Ringtons ginger snap biscuits (food of the Gods and ginger is great when you feel sick so it's practically medicinal and not a biscuit really at all. Honest.) Oh and their two cup teabags... practically manna from heaven. It seems my appetite may be returning, albeit in the form of only wanting Wispa bars, ginger snaps and tea... I see no problems with that as a future diet! I am contemplating some 'proper' breakfast (porridge and fruit compote) at some point. I only have to do some slow and gentle weekend cookery today. It's a good day.

This popped up in my Youtube favourites and I was torn between just sending it to Laura of Hungry and Frozen or posting it here; by the way... if you haven't read it yet Hungry and Frozen is a great blog, Laura loves Nigella and cooks wonderfully, and also has fantastic taste in musicals.

Title of Show, has just closed after a much anticipated (and far too short) run on Broadway. For the record, had they been on in the West End I would have taken them Rice Krispie treats...


Millsee85 said...

Glad you like the ginger snaps, will have to keep you well supplied! :) x

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

Hey! Thanks for the shoutout :D I'm actually in the video...but my bit is only up for a microsecond. I'm about two or three frames before Jonathan Groff though for what it's worth :D


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