Monday, 1 September 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly... Bread matters, chicken sausages don't

The Good: The time off work recuperating from my back injury has given me time to finally get around to reading a book recommended by one of the eternally helpful ladies from, and so far the verdict is that it's both fabulous and incredibly insightful. Andrew Whitley is the author of said book, Bread Matters. As seasoned blog readers will be aware, I'm very interested in the ethics behind our food as well as making sure that what I eat is as good for me as possible and having switched to home-made bread almost exclusively before reading this book - it's still been very eye opening.
The Bad: Well I'm back at work part-time, and under the supervision of the Occupational therapy nurse which is oddly reassuring. I'm so glad that I'm feeling better that it's tempting to do too much and end up as I did for most of yesterday, flat out on my back, asleep. Life is so exciting when you're me. I slept all afternoon, got up, ate leftover summer vegetable risotto (last week's Monday masterpiece) and steamed curly kale, watched some more old episodes of Friends (Monica and Chandler just got together and Ross tried to marry Rachel not Emily) and then ate my flatmate's mum's crumble (verdict: I'm uber jealous, it's much better than mine - not that this stopped me inhaling it last night), tried to recruit someone as a new Guider (work in progress) and then went back to bed; and slept for about 12 hours.
and The Ugly: Chicken sausages. No really. Just don't. Ever. I felt it would be rude to take a picture at the table. But really, avoid them at all costs. Basically a variation on the really bad hotdogs you may (as I did) adore as a child. As an adult my tastebuds pretty much rejected them. I'm still recovering, with the aid of a lot of tea.
Monday masterpieces to be blogged later* should be: cabbage, bacon and potato soup, pitta bread, and home-made houmous (which I thought I had blogged about before, but apparently not). Randomly I'm craving scones, cream and jam but hopefully using up last week's vegetables (from a seated position in case the OT nurse is reading) should distract me from thoughts of soft scones, fruity jam and clouds of whipped or clotted (i'm not fussy!) cream... *dribbles*
*not necessarily later today, but definitely this week. Promise. Brownies honour and all that.


Jules said...

Chicken sausages sound so wrong!

Pen said...

They really were, work of the devil almost. Infact, I would rather have had aubergine... that's how bad they were :-O

Anonymous said...

I think beef sausages are wrong too but they're quite popular I think so I could be on my own on that one.


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