Saturday, 12 April 2008

A serious oversight on my part

For which I humbly, truly and sincerely apologise. I have had serious words with myself and as I type in the process of rectifying the situation...

Chocolate. Five and a half months of blogging (bloggage perhaps?) and not one post on chocolate. To my eternal shame. The odd passing mention when talking about the goodness that is cupcakes but that's it. And I'm a woman, as far as I'm concerned chocolate is a food group all by itself. As I said, my eternal shame.

However, as I type 6 of Nigella's Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies (from Nigella Express) are in the oven. And they smell good. She says herself that they are "chocolatey to the point of madness" and she may be right. But Holy Hell the mixture was as close as anything I have ever tasted has come to a full on cure for all ills (patent pending). Now I do think Nigella's suggestion that you bake half and freeze half, is possibly the nearest thing to insanity I have ever seen in print, but then I haven't tasted one. Yet. The plan is to have 2 as pudding sandwiched together with some vanilla icecream I've found in the freezer (when I say found I do mean forgotten about otherwise ice cream doesn't last more than one Saturday night in this house). Seeing as I fully intend to be ensconsed in pyjamas and under a blanket by the time Pushing Daisies comes on I feel that a fabulously kitsch and retro ice cream sandwich may be the perfect accompaniment.

Going back to the matter in question (that was Chocolate in case my rambling had meant you've forgotten) I would just like to dwell, for a moment on the "chocolatey to the point of madness" quote. These cookies contain:

125g dark chocolate
30g cocoa
350g dark chocolate chips

In other words, thats a HELL of a lot. Not that I'm complaining, not me, not at all. In fact the only complaining going on here is that 18 minutes plus cooling time seems to be a very long time to wait for some chocolatey goodness. Not that I'm impatient, and checking the oven between sentences. Nope. 15 minutes.

I think I'll upload some pictures to distract myself from the fact that there's 12 minutes to go. Enjoy...

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

my goodness how much chocolate! I suppose it just had to be tested :)


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