Saturday, 19 April 2008

Daddy or chips? Daddy or chips?

Was a marketing slogan used not so long ago by a chip manufacturer (do you know the whole concept of someone manufacturing chips puts me off them) ... as a child I can understand how the choice would be tricky. I vividly remember being thrilled when Mummy would say that we were allowed 'Chish and Fips' as it was (slightly embarrassingly) known in our house - even better were the days when my aunty was there when we were allowed chip sandwiches! It wasn't a regular occurance - as I now realise neither was stuffed marrow, which I remember with a revulsion hitherto only allocated to abuergine! - but then money wasn't something that we had a great deal of. Ask me sometime about 1001 ways with mince and potatoes... and how much veg you can get for a pound from Romford market.

Back on topic though... chips. Even today they aren't something I eat particularly regularly, I do have a fondness for chip shop chips (well I'm a grown up now, lisping mispronounciations are no longer attractive nor endearing) but in order to remain in my jeans I tend to avoid them in favour of slightly healthier carbs. Not always though, there are times when only fish and chips will do... and being an adult - I no longer need my Aunty's presence to to allow chip sarnies! However a couple of weeks back I found a recipe on the BBC Good Food website (surprisingly enough a Gordon Ramsey one, which is odd in itself as I really don't tend to like his particular style of cooking) for chunky chips with caramelised onion and garlic. Being not particularly heavy on the oil, or deep fried I thought I would give them a try.

Now this evening I'm supposed to be having a cheesy lentil casserole that I made yesterday, but as I'm off on a conference for a couple of days so intend to have that as my last healthy meal before I head off on the train tomorrow. Daunted by a fridge that contains some grated cheese, pesto and purple sprouting broccoli, I decided on the aaaah soddit frame of mind and made the above chips. They are definately tasty, and don't feel too oily or heavy at all. I'm not sure that the onion and garlic particularly add anything to the recipe. I think they would be fantastic with some home made aoili actually, and a steak. Now I guess I just need someone who fancies me cooking them steak frites.... Anyone? No, ah well...

Oh and in other news... I have last week's chocolate cookies in an ice cream sandwich for Pushing Daisies later...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What time shall I be round for the steak and chips?

They look lovely, am really craving chips now :)


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