Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Brief Blogging Break

See, I even manage to get alliteration into a title like that! Yes, I'm obsessed and considering seeking help.

Due to an unforseen change in circumstances I'm currently in the process of moving house. My precious food processor and breadmaker have been consigned to their boxes, which in turn will be consigned to a (fingers crossed) secure storage unit somewhere in North London (sounding all mysterious there, not because I'm channelling James Bond, or in the least security minded, but because I haven't organised it yet *adds something else to ever-growing list of 'Things Pen MUST do before Friday'*) Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, moving house. Well most of my life is in boxes that I hope will withstand the weight of various gadgets (less than I imagined) crockery (does anyone need this much) and bakeware *looks longingly at all her painstakingly saved up for Nigella, now packed away* and also pray that I've wrapped up well enough to survive any bumps and bangs it may encounter en route.

As some of you may remember I'm off to New York with a good friend next week, so flathunting has had to take a backseat until I return from there. Tickets, hotel and transport are all booked and in the moments I'm not despairing of my impending homelessness and wailing about how I'm living Rent... seriously, aside from not being a lesbian or a drug addict I could practically be Mimi or Maureen (I'm holding out for Maureen although I feel I would fail on the leather trousers front, but give me a cowbell and I'm all set). Apologies. I'm rambling again... In the moments I'm not despairing of impending homelessness, I am skittish with excitement, although anyone with a hotline to a Higher Power - after you've dealt with the impending homelessness could you please organise for sunshine? There's plenty of wet in London.

For the uninitiated; Idina Menzel, Maureen in the OBC Rent cast.
To quote Seth... "Ahmaaaaaaaaaaaahzing..."

So until I'm back from New York, and have found and moved into a new place, there will be a small break in foody bloggage. I will do an "Isn't Broadway wonderful? And look at all these hot men!" post on return from NY but you're excused if you would rather poke your eyes out pointy objects than read about musical theatre. Oh and a play. Yes, I'm not just going to see shows. I'm also going to see a play. Get me, I'm cultured! Oh and I will take pictures of the food this time... Brownie's honour!
And just to keep this foody orientated; oatmeal, chocolate and banana muffins from the Waitrose website - well it would be silly to pack brown bananas and half a packet of dark chocolate when I could use them up... Right?


Jules said...

Have a wonderful time in NY and I hope you are able to sort out your housing problem soon.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

Ha! I say "for the uninitiated" when talking about Rent on my blog too. I see you are planning to make Nigella's chocolate cake soon, I can thoroughly recommend it, the icing is insanely good. Good luck with moving house :)

Claire said...

Have fun in NY - dont be thinking about your flat woes whenaway, just have a fab time.

Hope the house situation works out soon though :)


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