Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Batch Cooking. Or. The one in which Pen discovers the goodness that is tupperware and feels her age

I have earned my badge back this weekend!
As promised this weekend was filled with baking, and a variety of dishes all cooked, then promptly snatched away from interested parties to be frozen. Yes, I did overlook the fact that I also needed to eat this weekend... so you've guessed it yes, I was on the soup. Again. Really, I'm actually looking forward to the summer so that I can move onto salad; I currently swish as I walk. And not in a good way. Where was I? Oh yes, cooking for the freezer.

Aside from the fact that for me this type of cooking is what I do best, and what makes me feel most at home, as I mentioned in my previous post I was in desperate need of this. So on Saturday I went shopping, I had a list of things I wanted to cook, a list of ingredients that I didn't already have. Five hours later I returned with a pair of Converse, 2 new bottles of nail polish and some new clothes. Ooops! Not entirely to plan. So it was soup for dinner. Again. *sigh*

On Sunday we tried again, and this time I even made it to Tesco. Excited? I was. Well aside from the fact that I loathe supermarkets, but on this occaision it was a necessary evil. Finally I got home, stocked up with ingredients. Apart from a couple of key ones... like mince.... and half of the things I needed for the curry. It's at times like this that I love my storecupboard.

So, I made a vegetarian chilli - which has the dreaded aubergine in it. And is actually OK, very hot, but I've been tempering it with natural yoghurt. Low fat no less... 3 portions are currently in the freezer, 3 have been eaten for meals this week.
I also made some more bread, another wholemeal loaf. And, granola. Which I'm not at all impressed with. It hasn't gone into crunchy lumps like I thought it would, and is very sweet. Definately too sweet for breakfast. Although I have tried it. Twice. Just to make sure. Said granola is now cookies... and works much better as cookies.

Oh I also made life-changing soup, and have the ingredients (but sadly neither the impetus nor the tupperware) to make some carrot and celeriac as well. All in all a good weekend's work, and the pinny got an outing.
Clearly my personal development should include being able to write a shopping list with all the ingredients I actually need on it, and then being able to come back with those ingredients and not shiny things...

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Anonymous said...

Converse rock and it's important to have suitable footwear for cooking :)

This is exactly what I need to do this weekend...batch cook, not buy more Converse and nail varnish! We've had such a busy couple of weeks that there's been a lot of eating out and not much cooking happening chez F&G. Chilli is a great idea, I'll put that on the list, thanks!


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