Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A veritable dearth of posts

Confession time: I am a shamefully bad blogger, barely able to raise myself from my shame to type these words. In the last three weeks I have *deep breath* barely cooked... I have lived on the contents of my freezer (mainly home-made soup, but still) and the occaisional bowl of fridge bottom pasta sauce. With pasta. Obviously.

To be fair to myself, I'm on a bit of an economy drive at the moment and so have been actively trying to use up what I already have as opposed to needlessly purchasing new ingredients because I fancy cooking something. Although to be entirely honest with you, I haven't actually felt like cooking much at all. I blame the weather, the dark mornings, working long hours and just generally feeling a bit *meh* (it's a medical term. Honest.) However, as always this turns into one of those viscous cycle things whereby I feel drained and lifeless because I'm not eating properly, so I start mainlining chocolate and diet coke. Yes, you read that correctly (I did warn you about the shame, but let's face it I've not sunk to tinned meat so there is hope for my redemption). The mainlining of the diet coke and chocolate means I have highs and lows all over the place and feel worse... and so it goes on.

Ladies and gentlemen. This stops. Now. No really it does. As of tomorrow I am back on my healthy eating and living bandwagon. As always the ladies at handbag have given me a kick in the right direction, and so when I'm back from work I shall be making a chicken hotpot as part of our recipe challenge. Warming winter food, ready in about an hour, that will be served with some purple sprouting broccoli. Yum.

So that should see me through to the end of the week, alongside some life-changing soup I have in the freezer. Oooh I had better make up some more bread tomorrow as well. And for the first time in about a month I have a weekend free. So I was thinking of a cooking marathon...
  • Carrot and celeriac soup (seriously I have about my own bodyweight in carrots in the fridge)
  • More life-changing soup
  • Bread rolls
  • This granola recipe from A wee bit of cooking which is a new blog that I've found and am loving a lot
  • And a curry recipe from my A year in my kitchen book. Newsflash (and brace yourselves) it has aubergine in it. Yes, I'm trying it again
Looking at all of that I may need to buy some more tupperware. But I know that once accomplished I will feel worthy of my DG hat again, and mores the point I will have healthy, decent food in to eat. I'll try to ensure that I do a mammoth post to update you all on how it goes, but if you want me this weekend I will be found in my kitchen in my platypus pinny happily pottering.


Anonymous said...

Do you really have a platypus pinny or was that just for alliterative pusposes?!

Chicken hotpot sounds good, hope it helps you re-discover the cooking love :)

G x

James said...

That reminded me. Just posted my pork curry. I guess you could add aubergine to that too. Or mango. Or cauliflower, the list is endless.


Pen said...

I really do have a platypus pinny... although I am all about the alliteration! I'll take a piccy at some point. Hotpot was lovely, just what I needed last week.

And James, pork curry sounds good, I shall investigate. Thanks...



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