Friday, 1 February 2008

Life changing soup

And I'm not even stretching the truth! At all... I discovered this soup recipe thanks to one of the wonderful women over at on the f&d forum, and I adore it.

Soup is pretty much a food group all by itself as far as I'm concerned, it's an amazing way to increase my vegetable intake (and use up my vegetables), and it hits the key targets for a busy working woman (that's me in case you were confused) of being quick, easy and healthy. At this time of year, it really is a key staple in my diet. However, my stock recipe is what I call 'Saturday soup' (TM) where I use up all the leftover veggies from the last weeks veg box, boil them in stock until soft and blend until smooth. That's it. Hardly Masterchef material. As you will know I also extended my repertoire early on in my blogging days to include Celeriac and carrot which is yummy, and a 'proper' recipe.
That pales into insignificance when up against 'Life changing soup' aka Sweet potato and ginger. It's a recipe from the Skye Gyngell book "A year in my kitchen " and really showcases her understanding of balancing sweet, sour, salty and hot flavours. The basis for the soup is sweet potatoes, red onion and ginger, cooked in vegetable stock. This in itself is amazing... and then you add some (seemingly odd) extras: cream, maple syrup, lime juice and tamari paste (or soy sauce). I have to confess I don't understand how these change the flavour of what is a tasty, but fairly standard soup, into the realms of life changing. But oh dear Lord, they do. They so do. Buy the book, try the recipe and see for yourself... life changing soup...

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Kirsty S said...

I made this tonight after reading about it on your blog and you're not wrong- it's delicious! Really satisfying while being fresh and healthy. A definite winner and one I will repeat.


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