Friday, 22 February 2008


As you well know, my cupcake obsession started back in December. On a Sex and the City tour of New York (tour was a bit *meh* to be honest. The same cannot be said of the cupcakes) where we visited the Magnolia bakery. I thought my first cupcake was going to be vanilla, but it was chocolate and I was enraptured. The icing was pink, I feel this may have had something to do with it. I then discovered the Buttercup bakery which was in a surprise and unexpected twister of fate just around the corner from my hotel. Chance? I think not! Destiny is what that was. My second cupcake, which is where I think it fair to say where the obsession started.

On my return from New York, I made it my mission in life (see, not prone to overstatement at all) to recreate these, as let's face it, London to New York is a bit far to commute for my cupcake fix. Did I just say fix? Clearly I meant, erm... dose? treat, that's exactly what I meant to say. Treat. So... a little online digging produces a recipe, a little more produces conversions from American to English quantities. And so we have it... cupcakes a la Magnolia Bakery.

The first batch are just out of the oven, and I think the recipe should make another 12 which is a bonus. And I'll ice them tomorrow before my (rapidly reducing) gathering. In pink, of course.

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Jules said...

Pen, your cupcakes look fab. I would love to go to the Magnolia Bakery.


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