Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Of all smells, bread...

... wrote George Herbert, and by George (see what I did there!) I think he may be right.

Now, I hate Monday's with a passion. A passion that cannot be communicated in writing alone - believe me you just need to see my face as I lumber onto the packed tube at 7.30am to understand the depth of hatred I reserve especially for this time of the week. This Monday however was different, I awoke at 6am, as usual, swore at the alarm, as usual and then inhaled (well to be honest I guess I inhaled before then as I wasn't waking up dead or anything). I inhaled the scent of warm bread. As I believe in honesty I can't write that my eyes popped open and I lept from my bed like an excited 6 year old on Christmas morning, but I certainly made my way to the kitchen a little more briskly (and with less swearing) than usual.

Opening my new Panasonic breadmaker (not the fancy schmancy one that lets you add raisins and seeds, but it's nearly as good) I found a loaf of warm, white, heavenly bread. I should also explain that I think low-carb is the work of the devil. Pasta, potatoes, bread were invented to be enjoyed, are comforting, and it's Winter for the love of God. Your body needs them - not in vast quantities I give you, but still, in balance.

A breakfast of bread, with butter and honey followed as did a cup of tea. Now that is how all Monday mornings should start.

In the breadmaker at the moment... half white bread flour and half wholemeal... experimentation is starting! Watch this space....

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Anonymous said...

LOVELY looking bread, perhaps this is just what I need to get me out of bed on a cold Monday! How did the half and half turn out?

I've tagged you for a Five Things About Me meme:

Hope that's ok with you :)



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