Saturday, 3 November 2007

Welcome to my Pantry

Well firstly I should say hello, and welcome to my pantry.

I'm sat typing this, my first ever blog, in my pyjamas, drinking coffee while a celeriac and carrot soup is simmering on the hob and making the flat smell fabulous and homely. In front of me is my shopping list for the weekend, as I need to stock up the freezer with some batch cooking for those cold winter evenings when anything apart from sinking into the sofa with a glass of wine seems too much work. As always on the weekends I am embracing my inner domestic goddess and spending my time making casseroles and soups of hearty, healthy ingredients.

Things to cook this weekend:

Celeriac and carrot soup
Spiced apple and pecan cake
Sausage and bean casserole

The soup and casserole are my favourite type of cooking; recipes I've made over and over again, that change each time depending on what I have in cupboards and veg box. The cake is a new favourite of my colleagues in the office, and as I have a friend coming over for tea tomorrow I'm sure it will go down well with cups of tea aplenty. (I'm quite old-fashioned in lots of things, and afternoon tea with cake is one of those institutions I love. Proper leaf tea, cups and saucers, home-made cake, and a warmed pot are all essential ingredients)

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